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lunes, 11 de agosto de 2008
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Review of the takeMS Match2 kit DDR2-1066 of 2Gb
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 RAM memories have always been one of the more interesting components. We start from the idea that it is a place where we keep the data we need to use as fast as possible. It is situated between the hard disk and the motherboard chipset, and that’s because its access, reading and writing speed are much faster than the hard disk’s one. On the other hand, it has less capacity and that justifies its existence.

  Far away is that day when Bill Gates said that 640Kb of memory should be enough for anyone. Nowadays, and independently of how we use the computer, Windows Vista demands, at least, 2 Gb to work correctly, just like the processors of two cores. RAM memory carries, literally, the OS and the rest of applications working, leaving the ones we have executed on a second place, and this begins to look like a black hole that takes up everything you offer to it.

 But returning to the main subject, we should realize that our computers are using DDR2 and DDR3 memories, being the first ones the most common. To be able to pick one between ones and others we should know which ones need our motherboard, and then, the speed and capacity. But if our interest is using the computer further from the basic domestic use of the PC, but we want to overclock it, then we can’t have any memory.

 Here is where the new Match2 de takeMS series comes, which we are testing the 2Gb DDR2-1066 kit from. Of course, we have to thank takeMS for having sent us a testing unit, even before it’s on the market.





 The Manufacturer: takeMS 


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