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martes, 16 de septiembre de 2008
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Review of the Coolink GFXChilla
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 Throw out your graphic card





 High temperatures: that’s the cancer of computing. If semiconductors are so fast is because they work under some particular temperatures and with very limited voltages. Sensitive variations on any of these two terms can cause, at best, a bad or null working. At worst, it would be the death of the device.
 In the early 90’s CPU were the ones that asked for refrigeration, al first passively and then actively,  the most powerful PCI graphic cards, even before the arrival of the AGP, used dissipaters and even fans to alleviate the high temperatures generated by their own processors. And although many manufacturers launch versions with a passive refrigeration of their products, we should not trust: these are only effective if our computer is appropriately refrigerated. If there’s no air flow, the graphic card won’t work correctly. The silence we have got it’s worth reducing its assistances.  
 GFXChilla is the Coolink solution to refrigerate in the best way our graphic cards without an excessive and unnecessary noise. That’s today’s issue: a high working system and with a high level of compatibility. Of course, we thank Coolink for providing us a sample to make this article.

 The manufacturer: Coolink
 As we have said in other reviews, Kolink is an Asiatic company founded in 1996, although until 2005 it wouldn’t be present in the European market. Its brand Coolink has different products, always heading towards refrigeration and silence in our computers. Among them, anti-vibrations systems, active and passive refrigerators, etc…...

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