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martes, 16 de septiembre de 2008
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Review of the 1 Gb MP4 TakeMS Blade
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 Be more demanding to yourself



 We can find hundreds of portable multimedia players in the market, we have talked about it a lot of times before. Capacities, characteristics, quality, batteries length... a lot of variables to get satisfied.
 But, what’s real difference between products of the same range? We’ll have to change our point of view. It’s something more than just reproducing audio, video and photos. It’s about the materials the device is made of, the software it uses, its earphones, its screen…
 This time we are analysing a multimedia player from a memory manufacturer. We’re not talking about a brand that puts its sticker on a product, but about its making and design. We thank TakeMS for having lent us one of its testing devices of the MEM-P3 Blade of 1Gb, plus its more usual accessory: a microSD de 2Gb.

 The Manufacturer: TakeMS
 Quick, mobile, secure and accessible: memory has to
function, and to allow you access to your data anytime and
anyplace. For this reason, we've chosen demanding German
quality guidelines as our standard. Our high standards are
confirmed by the national and international awards that our
products have received. We're confident enough in our
quality to give you a 10-year guarantee on our memory and a
full 5-year guarantee on our innovative flash and USB
products. With over five million memory chips sold, you've
awarded us the highest prize there is: your trust. takeMS,
the best way to improve your memory..

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